Vol. 23 No. 91/92 (2018): Ontologies of Asylum

Poligrafi 91/92 (2018)

Table of Contents
Barbara Gornik: Ontology of Asylum
Kelly Oliver: Carceral Humanitarianism, Impossible Testimony, and the Paradox of Refugee Detention
Shé Hawke: The Exile of Greek Metis: Recovering a Maternal Divine Ontology
Nadja Furlan Štante: Gender–Based Violence, Religion and Migration: Women as Symbols of Cultural Identity
Lenart Škof: Refugee Crisis, Vulnerability and Ethics of Cohabitation
Samo Skralovnik: ‘Under the shadow of my roof ’ (Gen. 19:8). The Law of Hospitality in the Bible 
Maja Bjelica: Asylum as Hospitality: Relistening to Derrida 
Klaus-Gerd Giesen: A Short Essay on Statelessness and Cosmopolitan Citizenship 
Barbara Gornik: Refugees and the Human Right to Seek Asylum: To Derogate or not to Derogate, That is the Question 
Ilona Silvola: Asylum Seekers, the Church and Finnish Society: Understanding the Situation Through Hannah Arendt’s Concept of “The Right to Have Rights” 
Bojan Žalec: Arendt and Refugees (at present): Personalist Anthropological Foundations of the Ethics of Refugeeism 

Published: 2019-04-17

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