• Annales Kinesiologiae

    Annales Kinesiologiae is an international interdisciplinary journal covering kinesiology and its related areas. It combines fields and topics directed towards the study research of human movement, physical activity, exercise and sport in the context of human life style and influences of specific environments. The journal publishes original scientific articles, technical notes and reports.

    The journal Annales Kinesiologiae is indexed in: SportDiscus and Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ).

    ISSN 2232-2620 (print), ISSN 2335-4240 (online)


  • Poligrafi

    Poligrafi (1996- ), is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal for philosophy. The journal is published by the ANNALES ZRS, Scientific Publishing House of ZRS Koper (from 2013) and Society for Comparative Religion (Ljubljana, Slovenia). Its primary aim and mission is publishing scholarly articles covering the wide range of philosophical topics with a more prominent accent on ethics, philosophy of religion, and cosmology.

    The journal Poligrafi is indexed in: The Philosopher’s Index

    ISSN 1318-8828 (print), ISSN 2232-5174 (online)