Lactacidemia during track day motorcycle racing competitions

  • Marcelo Conte
  • João Vitor de Souza
  • Gustavo Azevedo
  • Victor Fernandes Jundiaí School of Physical Education
Keywords: motorcycle, lactate, anaerobic threshold, exercise


Introduction: Motorbike racing is one of the most dangerous sports due to high speeds, and it is highly demanding on racers both mentally and physically. Objective: To verify the lactacidemia in motorbike racers before and after the Track Day race. Method: Nine non-professional male riders (33 + 10.39 years) who practiced Track Day race were studied. Plasma lactate was obtained twice: 30 minutes before and 5 minutes immediately after the Track Day race. Results: There was a significant increase in lactacidemia (87.5%) after the 30-minute race (3.77 + 1.38 vs. 7.07 + 1.85 mmol). Conclusion: Lactacidemia in amateur motorbike racers increased significantly after the Track Day race. These data reinforce the results of other studies, which consider motorcycling as a sport high in terms of anaerobic metabolism. Thus, physical trainers and motorcycle racers should adopt strategies to stimulate this metabolic pathway in specific training.


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